‘AsparFlakes Breakfast Cereal’ -Print Ad


Brand: AsparFlakes Breakfast Cereal

Target: This advertisement is targeted for middle-aged (40-60 years old), health-conscious women. They are college-educated professionals, married with children, have a family income around $90,000 per year, and live in the United States or Canada. These women shop for healthy, organic foods at least twice a week in order to provide natural meals for their families.

Headline: Strong bones inside your home

Subhead: Make every morning healthy

Copy A: Made with dried organic tofu, ground whole wheat, ground whole oats, and ground dried asparagus, AsparFlakes ingredients are collected from certified organic farms in Michigan then baked to perfection in old-fashioned brick ovens. AsparFlakes provides a high-calcium, tasty, organic breakfast cereal perfect for keeping bones strong.

Copy B: When enjoyed with skim milk, one bowl of AsparFlakes provides 1,000 milligrams of calcium, the recommended daily allowance for adults. AsparFlakes is one tasty, wholesome, and health-conscious meal. Physicians recommend AsparFlakes.

Tagline: Everyday, AsparFlakes’ WayAsparFlakes-p1

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