‘Margusho’s Department Store’ – Feature Story

If you were George Washington, what kind of fragrance would you be wearing?
Carly Magnotta
February 3, 2016

George Washington – he was the first person sculpted on Mt. Rushmore, born without a middle name, and had more than 30 dogs as pets. As the first President of the United States, he was truly the man, the myth, and the legend.

Respigio 47 came out with a new fragrance, Washington, which is available in four products. Its scent is a mixture of sandalwood, fresh meadows and cinnamon and is presented in red, white and blue packaging. Margusho’s is announcing Washington as their exclusive product that will be available in one month. Because George Washington is the inspiration for this new scent, it is expected to make its way into the world’s 10 best-selling fragrances joining the three other fragrances Respigio 47 has produced.

Anne Twente, Margusho’s vice president of marketing, says, “Our marketing research shows that Margusho’s customers love George Washington. Our customers know that he is a man of strength and integrity.”

Washington is not just a single product fragrance. It is available in cologne, cologne spay, after-shave lotion and razor-relief lotion. Located in the men’s department, Margusho’s will be advertising the new fragrance using its slogan, “Washington never lies.”

Anne Twente encourages, “How often is a dead guy with a bad wig, a big nose and false teeth your sales leader? We expect big things from Washington.”

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