Save-A-Limb Fund – Feature Story

Meteorologist + Patient = Faith in the Flowers
April 14, 2016

Meteorologist Justin Berk connected with, 16-year-old, Lexi Hack after learning about her series of procedures to fix her legs. As the winter season fades into spring, the two are working to sell “Faith in the Flowers” t-shirts in support of her Save-A-Limb Fund.
Lexi Hack is a teenager that just wants to be a normal, athletic girl, but her body has held her back. From only 2 years old, she has been going back and forth to multiple doctors to get an answer for her constant pain and discomfort. Finally, she met Dr. John Herzenberg at Sinai Hospital who claimed he could perform surgeries that would diminish her pain considerably if not 100%. Expenses for such procedures are expensive and with the suggestion from Dr. Herzenberg, Lexi started her Save-A-Limb Fund.

In just 9 months, Dr. Herzenberg had performed the surgeries that made both her legs walk straight. With one more surgery to go, she has something she desperately wants to learn to do again.

“I need to learn how to run,” Hack said. “I don’t know when the last time was that I actually ran.”

When Meteorologist, Justin Berk met Lexi Hack’s mother at Dunloggin Middle School during one of his shirt drop offs, she told him about Lexi’s procedures. Berk immediately connected with Lexi’s story. Together the two created a phrase for their t-shirt design. ‘Faith in the Flowers’ developed from the idea that flowers grow back each year, but limbs don’t. With the help from artist, Lauren Townsend, the design came out exactly how they wanted it.

“Please consider supporting my efforts,” said Lexie Hack. “A ‘Faith in the Flowers’ shirt and bracelet will help raise more for Save-A-Limb Fund so we can help another person, young or old, have a new life too!”

To support Lexi Hack and her Save-A-Limb Fund, visit to order Faith in the Flowers apparel.

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