Save-A-Limb Fund – Radio PSA

Save-A-Limb Fund
2401 West Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

April 14, 2016

       CONTACT: Carly Magnotta, Manager


Start date: <April 15, 2016>
Stop date: <April 22, 2016>


Reading time: <approx. 30 seconds>

Did you know one in one hundred twenty-five children is born with a limb deficiency and many others suffer from limb deformities? Since two thousand and one… Save-A-Limb has raised money for families who can’t afford proper care for their conditions.

For the last ten years Save-A-Limb Fund has held their Save-A-Limb Fund Fest. This year… the eleventh annual Fund Fest will be held on Saturday… September twenty-fourth… at Oregon Ridge Park in Cockeysville… Maryland. At eight a. m… the festivities will begin. There will be a Ten-Station Obstacle Course… a Twenty Mile Bike Ride… a Ten K Family Bike Ride… a One Mile “Make a Difference Walk… and more.

For more information… go to and sign up today! Put your body FIRST.

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