Hi! My name is Carly Magnotta and I am a senior attending West Virginia University. I am graduating in May 2017 with a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Communications with an area of emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.

I am currently an active member of Iota Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at WVU. When I was the Vice President of Philanthropy for Alpha Xi Delta in Fall 2015, I planned and executed charitable events and supported Autism Speaks throughout the year. Holding that position helped me to explore opportunities I never had imagined I would be a part of. I always had a desire to help people and perform acts of kindness through community service; I have been blown away by the rich experience Alpha Xi Delta has provided me. I was able to help, not only my sisters and the rest of the Greeks on campus, but also my community as a whole to see what benefitting our society can do for it and us. After passing the position onto a fellow sister, I am able to assist her and also encourage our sisters to continue supporting our community and Autism Speaks.

After my experience as VP of Philanthropy, I explored Event Planning through an internship with S.S. Liyier Public Relations & Marketing in Spring 2016 and also an Event Planning class in Fall 2016. From those two outlets, I learned how to properly plan and execute a successful event.

Additionally, I spent the Summer of 2016 in Dublin, Ireland interning with Colours International as their Public Relations and Marketing Intern. I found this opportunity through West Virginia University’s Study Abroad Office and CISabroad. This experience opened my eyes to the differences in the global business world and sparked my interest in using social media to market to different audiences.

Eager to learn more about my growing interests in the Marketing and PR industry, I accepted a position with Kitchen Connection as their Content Marketing Intern. With the guidance of the CEO, I have gained knowledge in many aspects of business operations, strategic social media, advertising and marketing techniques. In addition to continuing this internship, I am also taking on the responsibility of Social Media Director for Alpha Xi Delta.

Overall, I am someone who is constantly exploring the opportunities around me. I have a passion for traveling and hope to do as much of it as possible through leisure and business.